Enter Hacktoberfest 2018

Here we are, a year on, heading into the end of 2018 with another instalment of Hacktoberfest. Deal stays the same: make 5 PR’s by the end of the month, get a T-shirt and a bunch of stickers. Some participating projects also stay the same, or rather, are reborn so that the coming generations of avid coders can bask in the satisfaction of their first accepted PR, or the first five! Last year I had a great time in Hacktoberfest. It is a great excuse to pick up new languages or tech I’ve been curious about for a while. My personal theme this year is functional programming languages! And Go! And maybe some C. Here’s a list of projects I’ll be looking at this month:

That is my official list of targets, which is subject to change with no forewarning.

Other interesting projects I might try to contribute to for extra credits:

Henceforth, in this post I hereby declare the beginning of my own Hacktoberfest 2018!

On your marks, get set, go!

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