Hello world!

On the hope this web log serves some purpose other than being an excuse for learning how to maintain one, I welcome you, the curious mind, who ventured -probably by accident- into this conspicuous hide-out.

These pages are not about me but about the knowledge I wish to share. This was conceived with the intention of becoming a technical site where I discuss technical stuff for people wishing to get technical. I’ll speak about everything related to technology, computer science and IT in general.

This article is a proof of concept and indeed the concept has been proved. Let us rejoice and reward ourselves with some kittens.

A pretty kitten

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Articles from friends and people I find interesting

SDL2 common mistakes and how to avoid them

This article was discussed on reddit. SDL has grown on me over the past year. I didn’t understand its value until viewing it in the right lens: as a complete platform and runtime replacing the host’s runtime, possibly including libc. Ideally an SDL appl…

via null program January 8, 2023

DynamoDB Stream to Lambda Filtering With Go CDK

DynamoDB Stream to Lambda Filtering With Go CDK It’s been bothering me that I have a Lambda function set up to process data from DynamoDB Streams that doesn’t use Stream event filtering. All of the filtering was done in Lambda itself, wasting precious CPU …

via adrianhesketh.com December 20, 2022

I shall toil at a reduced volume

Over the last nine years I have written 300,000 words for this blog on the topics which are important to me. I am not certain that I have much left to say. I can keep revisiting these topics for years, each time adding a couple more years of wisdom and impro…

via Drew DeVault's blog December 1, 2022

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