Hello world!

On the hope this web log serves some purpose other than being an excuse for learning how to maintain one, I welcome you, the curious mind, who ventured -probably by accident- into this conspicuous hide-out.

These pages are not about me but about the knowledge I wish to share. This was conceived with the intention of becoming a technical site where I discuss technical stuff for people wishing to get technical. I’ll speak about everything related to technology, computer science and IT in general.

This article is a proof of concept and indeed the concept has been proved. Let us rejoice and reward ourselves with some kittens.

A pretty kitten

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Articles from friends and people I find interesting

rc: a new shell for Unix

rc is a Unix shell I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks, though it’s been in the design stages for a while longer than that. It’s not done or ready for general use yet, but it is interesting, so let’s talk about it. As the name (which is subjec…

via Drew DeVault's blog April 18, 2023

Practical libc-free threading on Linux

Suppose you’re not using a C runtime on Linux, and instead you’re programming against its system call API. It’s long-term and stable after all. Memory management and buffered I/O are easily solved, but a lot of software benefits from concurrency. It wo…

via null program March 23, 2023


Greg is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation and is responsible for the Linux kernel stable releases. He is also the maintainer of a variety of different kernel subsystems (USB, char/misc, tty/serial, driver core, staging, etc.) and has written a few books an…

via Linux Kernel Monkey Log February 17, 2023

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