I’m a computer science enthusiast and technical writer wannabe… maybe. I have a passion for open source software and anything Linux and would love to share my thoughts and findings to the world in this blog. I also like kittens.


You can contact me via my email address. If you want to send me something in confidence, you can use my PGP public key below. [How?]

David Jimenez | dvejmz (at) sgfault (dot) com | PGP ID: 886A160F3E1F60A7
PGP Fingerprint: 319E 6F96 A52B E24B F548  93AE 886A 160F 3E1F 60A7


I always ensure to research and proof-check to a decent degree the topics I talk about when writing my posts. However, I have no doubt I will err, a lot. If you think something I said is downright preposterous or wish to offer good-hearted suggestions to improve my articles, feel free to drop me an email (see details above). Your feedback will be much appreciated!